Looking to Integrate Faith in Mathematics Instruction?

Kuhnekshuns seamlessly couples spiritual object lessons with common K-8 learning standards. Whether you use our recommended lesson correlations or apply it to your own curriculum, here is a way to keep learning within the context of Biblical faith.

What Is Kuhnekshuns?

Education and salvation are one

A Set of Ready-Made, Faith-Based Connections for Immediate Use in Any Mathematics Lesson

Get beautifully designed PDF resources per lesson. Each Kuhnekshun is a PDF document preformatted to fit a screen as a slide presentation. That presentation connects the central math concept with a Biblical concept. Each Kuhnekshun rests on a salvation motif, keeping Jesus Christ and His work at the center of the learning experience.

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Why Kuhnekshuns?

Education and salvation are one

Because Salvation and Education are ONE
... and Always Should Be!

God, the Creator, made the world (Colossians 1:16). The world reflects Him (Psalm 19:1). The more a learner understands of the Creator, the greater will be the appreciation of what He has made. Conversely, the more a learner studies the world the Creator made, the greater will be the revelation and appreciation of the Creator's mind and character. Learning can and should lead to salvation.

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Standards-Based Meets Faith-Based

Faith-based meets standards-based

Kuhnekshuns Holds College and Career Readiness in Complete Harmony With Readiness for Eternity

There is no tension between faith and learning. Each Kuhnekshun is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, kindergarten through the eighth grade. The stated goal of these standards is college and career readiness, a worthy endeavor.

Each Kuhnekshun is built on a firm Biblical foundation:

  • Direct use of Scripture
  • Aligned with common Christian teaching
  • Steeped in the motif of salvation

The goal is to point the learner to Jesus Chirst, the only Name by which any learner can be saved from sin. This is the overaching goal of every Chrisitan parent and teacher. The purposes of mathematics standards and Biblical standards can be fulfilled without compromise of either.

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Choose A Curriculum. Any Curriculum.

Education and salvation are one

Bring Your Own Curriculum. 
Kuhnekshuns Can Handle It.

Kuhnekshuns comes correlated to two popular mathematics programs:

In addition, since Kuhnekshuns is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, its a simple matter to identify your associated lesson standard and find the Kuhnekshun that fits.

There is absolutely no reason NOT to use Kuhnekshuns in your classroom or homeschool today!

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