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Standards Aligned

Teach Mathematics Concepts
Introduce Biblical Concepts

Compliments Any Math Program
Looking to integrate faith in math instruction? Kuhnektors seamlessly couples spiritual object lessons with common K-8 learning standards. Whether you use our recommended lesson correlations or apply it to your own curriculum, here is a way to keep learning within the context of Biblical faith.
How It Works

Grade 6 Lessons

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    Classroom Evangelism

    Faithables is dedicated to fulfilling the Gospel Mandate (Mark 16:15) specifically through the vehicle of integrating faith and learning (IFL) in every Christian classroom and homeschool.

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    Standards-Based. Bible-Centered.

    At Faithables, we both seek out and create methods for integrating faith and learning with increasing effectiveness. We believe faith-learning integration can be intentional, dually fulfilling both Gospel and academic purposes.

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    Practical IFL Resources

    Faithables has a collection of ready-to-use resources for integrating faith and learning that complement any curriculum. Each is standards-based, embraces education best practices, and is aligned with Bible teaching.

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    Every Christian Educator

    At Faithables, we know Christian educators, across every Christian denomination, are equally challenged to more thoroughly integrate faith and learning. We join in that effort to move IFL ideas forward.

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    An IFL Social Network

    If you are passionate about integrating faith and learning (IFL), Faithables is a social networking space for you to meet others, share ideas, and get ideas. Join the converstaion. Registration is free.

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    We Need You

    Share your ideas, challenge your assumptions, and get valuable resources. Be a part of something fresh, creative, and worthy of your time. Join Faithables today!