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Explore $1,000

You have $1000. If a camel cost $100, do you have enough to buy 3 camels?

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Count Dollar Bills

How much money altogether is $1, $1, $10, $10, $10, $100, $100, $100, and $100?

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Count Up And Down

In old times, how much do you think a chariot might have costs?

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Use Fewest Coins

A bag of cookies cost $1.50. What are the fewest coins that can make $1.50?

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Make One Dollar

A cupcake costs $1. How many ways are there of making $1 with coins?

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Make Change

For a donut that is 57¢, which combination of coins would you choose to make change from one dollar?

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Solve A Problem With Money

You had $100. You bought a t-shirt for $25 and a pair of jeans. You now have $17. How much did the pair of jeans costs?

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